Innocence Test 2022 – Dare To See, How Innocent Are You?

The Innocence Test is a modified version of the well-known Rice Purity Test that incorporates the most recent questions that reflect the trends and nature of generation Z and Alpha. Within 24 hours after the trend’s commencement, these generations set an unexpected record of 1.5 million entries. People nowadays are curious as to how it all began and what this is all about.

What is the Innocence Test?

This is a fun activity questionnaire that consists of a series of 100 one-line questions about various vices that individuals commonly engage in their daily lives. You can take it to see how innocent you are and compare your personality to that of your friends and partner. Relationships, personal activities, and addictions are all covered in these 100 questions. This test is also known as the Rice Innocence Test, Purity Test and TikTok Innocence Test.

How to take this test?

The Innocence test 100 questions comes with options to choose Yes or No, which ultimately carries a score against each answer. A person just has to click on the best available option according to the personality.

What type of questions includes in this test?

It covers topics such as long-distance relationships, dating, falling in love, addictions, and your hidden misdeeds. A fun game to play with your buddies in Universities and Colleges to determine your level of innocence.


How this test has made such a big record within 24 hours?

The followers of the Rice Purity Test, parents, or elder siblings of gen z and alpha have played a very vital role in pushing this trend to its peak as they have made quite fun in their college and university life while playing this quiz. The originator could break the record more aggressively if they had social media in their era.

What is a good score on the innocence test?

A score between 85-99 is the best score but it gradually decreases with time as you grow up with your activities.

Is the Innocence Test Teenager safe?

Yes, this is 100% safe. It involves only selectable Yes or No questions which analyze the innocence of a person. This test is designed in such a way that anyone can easily do this quiz either from a laptop, tablet, or mobile.

What is the average Innocence Test score?

The overall average test score is 70 to 85. To get into deep analysis and age-wise score breakdown is given below;

90 โ€“ 98 score for people under 18 years.

75 โ€“ 89 score for people 18 – 24 years.

50 โ€“ 74 score for people 25 – 33 years.

70 โ€“ 85 score is for all ages.

What is the Innocence Test Score Meaning?

The score range from 0-100 and each score range bracket has its own meaning. For your convenience, we have made this table to check where you fall with your score.

Score Meaning
99 – 100 Hurray… you are the loveliest person and anyone would like to be your girlfriend or boyfriend even parents of your looking one are desperately looking for such type of person who is this much innocent.
88 – 98 You are angle, parents will feel safe to allow their kids to hang out with you.
62 – 87 You are a good person. You probably have kissed someone or loved someone so much.
45 – 61 You are quite naughty. Your score is showing; you are involved in adult activities. Parents feel unsafe while allowing their kids to go out with you.
18 – 44 Your innocence level is quite low. You may have consumed drugs and may have gone to jail.
0 – 17 You are a devil person. No Innocence exists in your score.

What is the best way to conduct this test on TikTok?

On TikTok, though, things are a little different. Find the trend with #innocencetest and you must begin by holding up ten fingers in the viral videos. Instead of ticking boxes, the statement questions are read aloud, and you put your finger down each time you complete one of the assertions. You’re probably a little crazy if you’re left with only a few fingers up.

Is there a mobile app available for Android?

Yes, we have an android application for this test available on our website.