Rice Purity Test APK Latest 2022

The Purity Rice Test is a self-graded online fun test, which determines the innocence level of a person. A range of 0 to 100 is the score range and it includes one line questions from easy to harsh mode. It was becoming popular from 80s and gained quite popularity in the Covid-19 pandemic period.

What does Rice Purity Test says about you?

It shows how pure you are in the domain of innocence in current world situations. It starts with questions from a very basic innocent level like ever being in a relationship, being on a date to very versatile sex and your addiction-related questions, which determines a person’s nature, how well a person is being in the given situation, and how deeply is involved. This series of questions carry marks against each question and upon completion of the test, you get a score. Each score range has its meaning like you may be an angel or a devil according to the activities which you’ve marked while doing the test.

What is the score meaning and what is the average?

A score of 0 means you are least pure and 100 means you are the purest person. The average purity test score differs with ages but the overall average score from all groups of ages and gender is 60-75.

You can also check your purity level online from our website or download the Android APK in your cellphone to play offline.

Version 1.2 (updated 2022)
Updated Jan, 2022
Size 30 MB
Developer URL thericepuritytest.org
Installs 10k+
Category Games, Quiz

Rice Purity Test

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