Rice Purity Test Popularity and FAQs

The Rice Purity Test was created in the 1940s and has since become a popular participatory activity for University and College students to bond with one another during their O-week. In Covid-19, it has reawakened public attention, and parents remind their memories with their children about the test and how they performed in college/university. It includes questions on your drug and criminal past, sex (intimate life) experience, alcohol experience, and a few strange and unusual questions.

What is the 100 and 0 Score meaning in Rice Purity Test? 

It comprises of 100 questions with Yes or No alternatives that range from extremely simple to quite difficult, and you may feel embarrassed if you perform it especially in public. Who has 100 score in this test? There are two types of persons that may have; a new born baby or someone who is 100% lie. And then there is the question of who got a 0 on the rice purity test. A devil with high drug addiction, high criminal record, and a history of terrible sexual behavior has a 0 score.

You might have a few more questions, such as what is a good Rice Purity Test Score, what does a Rice Purity Test score mean, and why is question 69 in the Rice Purity Test simply a question mark? what is MPS? To find out the answers to all of your commonly asked questions, or to find out how pure you are? Please see the following website for more information.

It simply works by adding the points of the questions that are answered as No. Admitting the truth is equivalent to subtracting a point from your total score. The more times you choose No, the closer you come to purity, and answering Yes to the questions ultimately lowers your score. While participating in this amusing activity, you should be truthful. Why not to play with friends and soul mate?