Rice Purity Test Unblocked 2022 – Innocence Test – How Pure Are You?

Rice Purity Test also known as the innocence test is used to calculate a person’s maturity level in the domain of innocence. This official Rice Purity Test is comprised of 100 questions survey, which was originated in 1924 at Rice University, Houston, Texas to determine the purity of a person.

In the most recent times, this test has evolved to many versions and went viral on social apps like Tik Tok, Snack Video, and Instagram Reels. In the Covid-19 pandemic period, it has made a record of virality with 1.5 million people has taken this test within 24 hours. Some other tests, which are related to this test are Innocence Test, Wattpad Test, True Asian Test and High School Purity Test.

When and why Rice Purity Test was started?

In the 80s, it was started in the Rice University and new students voluntarily take the Rice Purity Test in their orientation week of colleges and universities to match their bonds with other students. It is a very famous personality track down questionnaire based test in all famous universities of United States (USA), Canada (CA), United Kingdom (UK), Europe and now emerging in Asia and the Middle East as well as brown Rice Purity Test.

How does it work?

It is simply one-line questions with a Yes/No option range from 0 to 100 questions. People nowadays are using this Purity Test as fun as just an innocence test. Each question carries a single score and upon the completion of 100 questions, the purity level is determined depending upon the options which you’ve chosen. People can retake this test even after some time if they feel their score is bad and with their love one as well to match their chemistry with their partner. This test takes only 5-10 minutes to play.

What is the average Rice Purity Test score?

The average purity test score around the world is 60 to 75 including all ages and genders.

91 – 98 for people under 18 years.

80 – 90 for people under 24 years.

68 – 79 for people under 33 years.

60 – 75 for all people.


Rice Purity Test

What is the average Rice Purity Test score for boys and girls?

Boys overall have an average of 61.40 scores all around the world and girls have an average of 72.63. People in the USA are likely to have a good score as compared to the UK and then Europe is quite beyond USA and UK but not as Asian countries.

What does the score mean in this test and what is a good score?

The more the score you have in this test, the more you are assumed to be pure. A score between 80 to 91 is the best innocence test score. The lower the age you have, the purer in innocence you’re assumed to be in this test but yes this is not true in every case but generally it involves questions that develop with age as well and most higher is the good score.

Why the question 69 is only a question mark?

If you’re doing this purity test quiz in your University/College or even at your school and are still unfamiliar with this notation, you are a fantastic real gem according to the rice innocence test parameters. Search it on google or see memes that come with 69 number.

Is the Rice Purity Test safe?

In a single word, “YES “. This is a quite safe and harmless purity test and it acquires answers to questions related to your personal life, drugs which you are addicted, secret crimes and activities that are considered non-virtuous. Upon the judgment of your answers, your innocence level is determined in this purity test. People are intrigued by the term rice purity test for virgins, which is identical to this test while being a slang term.

What type of questions includes in Rice Purity Test?

It includes questions related to how romantic you are, what activities have you done so far secretly and to what extent, ever convicted of a crime and caught by police by what means and on what activities, questions related to your bad addiction and your evil acts are also involved in this purity test quiz.

Why one should do this test?

Whether you’re going to be friends or getting engaged, this test helps to determine the maturity and innocence level of the person and people can match their score with their partners to get to know and close to each other.

What is MPS in Rice Purity Test?

MPS appears in multiple questions and is referred to in this test as Member of the Preferred Sex.


People have different experiences in their lives, some are easy to share publically and few to be kept secret. It might seem to have fun and show results to your mates how you rank but every score is not meant to be advertised. It depends on your circle and maturity level of both ends.

What is Rice Purity Test Score Meaning?

Since the score range from 0-100 and each score range bracket has its own meaning. For your convenience, we have made this table to check what are the possible meaning against each score range.

Rice Purity Test
Score Meaning
99 – 100 You are only the purest person in the world and we feel you deserve a Purity Nobel prize.🏆 Elon Musk should take you with his rocket 🚀 to space 😜 No offense, but you did lie with your answer. 💯
95 – 98 You are purely a mature person with a good sense of humor and a very lovely nature you have. 😇 Very rare people fall in this category and this is very tough to get this score.👌
90 – 94 You’re quite pure. Hmm, perhaps you’ve kissed or held a hand with someone.💕
80 – 89 You are averagely pure; you’ve loved someone deeply with all mean.❤️‍🔥
65 – 79 Your purity is showing you had crazy naughty experiences and your innocence is tainted.😜
40 – 64 You enjoy loving stuff which is far beyond everyone’s accessibility and probably consumed drugs 🚬 or been into jail. 🚔 Your purity is tainted too much.
20 – 39 You seem to have committed a crime, done alot of things which you are not assumed to do and far behind the level of innocence with your activities and probably handcuffed. 🔗🚓 🔒 Purity is non-existence in this range.
9 – 19 You’re so evil that no one around you has this kind of score. Do some work on your personal development and keep your thoughts and nature clean and clear. 😈
0 – 8 Nobody on this planet is more corrupted than you.😵 You have engaged in pretty wild and evil acts. 😈

Is there a Rice Purity Test app for Android?

You can download andriod apk from our website. You can now play with your friends by downloading the APK and installing it from your phone’s file manager.


The Rice Purity Test gives you a self-graded online system where you can analyze yourself in the domain of innocence. It starts from normal simple questions to tough questions which a person feels are getting hard. A score of 0 shows you’re the worst purest person in the world and a 100 score shows you’re the purest person in the world. It is used as a fun and daring test to play with your friends.